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A suite of tools to leverage research and transform insights.

QuestionPro Research Suite


Enterprise-grade research survey software for actionable insights

Solve your research challenges with simple to create surveys that provide complex, real-time insights. Leverage custom point and click logic, advanced question types, and integrations and create mature, complex research models for choice-based research, consumer research, and more.


Leverage continuous discovery with an online community software

Manage and maintain a hyper-engaged community of your brand’s top promoters. Co-create with them and collect qualitative and quantitative insights. From quick turnaround studies to longitudinal tracking, make intelligent business decisions based on the pulse of your community from real-time analytics.


Conduct secure research with the right audience

Target the right respondents that best define your optimum research audience. Conduct global and locally compliant market research with opt-in respondents on topics that matter the most to you! Leverage specialty panels, purchase do-it-yourself respondents, deploy instant feedback studies, and more.


Supercharge insights teams with a platform for democratized insights

Create a single source of the truth and eliminate siloed research with a built-for-insights platform. Store past data, add nuggets of insights, and import research data from various sources into a CRM for insights. Build on ever-growing research with a real-time dashboard in a unified research management platform to turn insights into knowledge.


A purpose-built platform for agile qualitative research

Helping companies learn from consumers. Qualsite allows you to display your key questions, record and capture responses, and easily share all insights in real-time allowing for the creation of custom micro-sites that address specific business objectives and deliver valuable insights.


Consulting services to ensure your research is on the right track

Pass on the heavy lifting to QuestionPro and focus on what’s important. Our experienced teams deliver intuitive analysis to improve critical takeaways and help turn insight into action. From research design to complex scripting, from analytics management to reporting, work with a team of professionals that will be an extension of your brand.


Solve your research challenges today!

Join over 10 Million worldwide leading brands and academic institutions using QuestionPro.

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Research & insights solutions for all

Intuitive, powerful research tools with countless applications.


Market segmentation

Research market dynamics and how it impacts your brand. Monitor consumer behavior across segments and stay ahead of the curve.


Product & service development

Learn what matters most and make timely product and service tweaks that resonate most with your target audience.


Competitive benchmarking

Benchmark against your competitors to identify gaps and consolidate market positioning. Capitalize on key business areas.


A/B testing

Take the guesswork out of your insights management by A/B testing across questions, segments, ideas, and experiences to know the impact of change.


Pricing research

Analyze your research data to gauge in-depth market drivers, including competitive intelligence, purchasing behavior, and price sensitivity.


Longitudinal tracking studies

Co-create continuously with your brand's top promoters and understand the impact and value of each interaction at each point of experience.


Quick turnaround studies

From general population studies to niche audiences, gather faster insights to aid decision-making for the stakeholders that matter.


Ad testing

Dive deeper into how your consumers and the audience perceive your brand and messaging. Market smarter and better.


Academic research

QuestionPro is the leading global tool for academicians and academic research, allowing a mature platform to capture qualitative and quantitative insights.

Case studies


Energizer needed a long-term research panel to continually generate ideas, feedback and insights.

  • 200% more feedback
  • 55% increase in member engagement
  • Increase in customer loyalty and repeat purchases
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American Cancer Society

ACS used QuestionPro Communities to move a significant portion of the Cancer Prevention Study (CPS-3) to an online participant portal. They were able to:

  • Modernize the outdated 12-20 page paper survey to shorter but more frequent online survey.
  • Collect information on newly diagnosed cancers.
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“The pace of support and insights that we get from the QuestionPro Research team is remarkable. I see them as a very natural extension of our internal Research team - especially with a can-do attitude that makes them stand apart from any of our other partners.”

Prabhakar Sundaram Global Consumer Insights, Energizer Holdings