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Microsoft Now Finally Explains Windows 10 19H2, Releases New Build

Believe it or not, 19H2gate is a thing.

Ever since Microsoft announced Windows 10 19H2, there’s been a ton of confusion around what the update is going to be about. Combined with the fact that Microsoft also started releasing builds for Windows 10 20H1 (which comes after 19H2) at the same time, everyone was really confused as to what 19H2 is about.

Today, Microsoft is (kind of) explaining itself.

Windows 10 19H2 won’t be a full-blown update for the OS, instead, it will be more of a minor update that focuses on performance improvements, enterprise features, and quality enhancements. Microsoft’s John Cable explained in a blog today that the company will be delivering Windows 10 19H2 as a Cumulative Update to Windows 10 users when it is ready for the public. That means users on the Windows 10 May 2019 Update will be able to quickly upgrade to the new release as a regular monthly update like the monthly cumulative updates Microsoft usually releases.

Those on older versions of Windows 10 will get the 19H2 update as a regular feature update, however.

Microsoft’s starting to test Windows 10 19H2 builds with Insiders in the Slow Ring today as well, and it will deliver the update to Insiders as a cumulative update, too. The company says some Insiders might also not see new features straight away, and that it’s using a CFR (Controlled Feature Rollout) system that will allow the company to gain better feedback from users.

Microsoft is not providing a firm release date for Windows 10 19H2 yet, though the company says it is “targeted” for September. If you want to try out Windows 19H2, you can get today’s build, 18362.10000, via Windows Update.

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