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Collecting user feedback from gamers without disrupting the gaming experience requires simplicity and accessibility. QuestionPro research software enables you to connect and understand how your players think and feel.

Collect meaningful feedback while also ensuring an efficient survey experience for the user.


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We’ve got you covered 24/7. From Enterprise account managers to live chat, our team is dedicated to making your research a success.

We know how important it is for you to connect with your users in a meaningful, non-interruptive way to gather feedback on how to further improve your games.


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Create and manage your projects with our Research Software.

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QuestionPro differentiators

Collect actionable insights for your brand.


Pricing analytics

Group, classify, and rank options into distinctive buckets to see which provide optimum value. Simulate market conditions to measure the optimum value of a product or service.

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Powerful DIY research tools

Use our incredibly powerful but flexible tool including built-in advanced logic to set up and manage your market research. Run deep analytics and statistical modeling and access robust dashboards.

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Continuous discovery

Get the 'pulse' of your online community by collecting data, running reports, and providing analysis across Mobile and Desktop devices.

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